Our most popular floor, the French Character Oak. So once you've decided it's the floor for you, there's no waiting. No lead times. It's yours for the taking!

We keep three widths: 150mm, 180mm, 200mm  which can be mixed together (which looks great in older properties) or used alone.

Prices are per m2 including VAT.

The flooring comes sealed in a pack of 1 to 1.5m2, with a mix of lengths within. Board lengths are between 0.6m to 2.4m with the majority at around 1.5 to 1.8m.Boards are 21mm thick with tongue and groove on all 4 edges with a tiny (just 1 or 2mm) microbevel (some people call it a 'v' as in TGV) on the long edges.

The point of the microbevel is two-fold. The first utterly brilliant reason it that it means you don't have to sand the floor once it's fitted. Halleluja!.

The second reason is a really nice little visual trick. The microbevel creates a shadow which gives a nice directional 'look' to room and stops the floor looking so 'monolithic'.

This floor can be fitted over joists, concrete, ply boards of existing floorboards. For more information on fitting and fixing or prices and delivery call and speak to Steve or Chris on 01730 816941 , send us an enquiry or download our Product Info sheet.

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